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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Something about Giraffe

I wanted to know what giraffes eat, so my dad and I looked it up on the Internet. We just went to Google and then typed in "What does giraffe eat?" Then we found the answer.

Giraffes eat leaves, and plants, and twigs of trees. A giraffe can eat 140 lb of leaves and twigs daily. Wow, that's a lot of food. The giraffe must have a big tummy. I can't eat that much!

We also searched where giraffes come from. They come from Africa. My dad told me that Africa doesn't have tigers, but they have lions. They also don't have pandas.

My classmate and good friend Eric is going to South Africa next week. His mom was from South Africa. I want to go to Africa too. But I am not going. I am going to a soccer camp instead.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Giant Panda Bear

At the carnival yesterday I won a baby panda as a prize. I like him so much that I gave him two names. The first one is Lucky. This is his English name. The second name is a Chinese name, and it is Le Le (乐乐), meaning laugh laugh. Because I really like panda, my dad taught me some things about panda.

Pandas are bears, but they eat bamboos most of the time. Pandas can climb trees, even baby pandas. All pandas are from China, and panda is a very special animal for China. China gave other countries pandas as presents, and these pandas live in the zoos. Many people would go to the zoo to see the pandas. I have never seen a real panda, but my dad has. One day me and my family will go to China and see the real panda. Right now there are not many pandas in the world, so we need to take good care of them.

Pandas are very cute, especially baby pandas. I really want to have a real panda at home, but I can't have one because pandas are not pets. At least I have my toy panda, Lucky! I will take good care of Lucky!

I watched several panda videos on the Internet. Here I'll show you my favorite one! Enjoy the video!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

School Carnival

Today my school had a carnival. This is my first carnival. When we left home, we went first to pick up my baby brother from the daycare. Then my dad drove us to my school. There were a lot of people already when we got there. I saw some classmates of mine. They all looked happy. I was happy too.

There were a lot of games at the carnival. I climbed up a big shark slider together with my friend Tiegan. And we went on another small slide together. I was also on the swing ride. That was very fun. There was also a little baby train. Me and my baby brother went on the baby train and took a ride. It was so short. I didn't like it. We also went on a spinning thing. I was so dizzy after that ride. I took my baby brother to the jumping place and we jumped and jumped and my baby brother didn't want to get out. I had to drag him out. I was taking good care of my baby brother and he had a good time too.

There were also some small games like the game where we had to throw plastic rings onto small bears on the ground. I did so well in that game that I won a baby panda as the prize! I also played a shooting game with a crossbow. My dad helped my baby brother shoot the crossbow and they won a big plastic soccer ball. My dad bought us a snow cone and a cotton candy. It was very delicious.

Before I knew it, it was closing time already. Dad told me that I had played for almost three hours. But it didn't feel like three hours at all. I had a really good day! It was great! I can't wait to go to the next carnival!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

My first gold medal!

About a week ago, I had a figure skating competition. The name of the competition is Reach For the Peaks 2011. It was held at The Peaks Arena in Provo, Utah.

I had been practicing for the competition for a long time. All the moves were choreographed by Rory, my skating coach. The music is called The Kingdom Dance, and was picked by Khristen, my former coach.

On the day of the competition, my whole family came to cheer for me. When I was on the ice, I was scared because so many people were watching. But I didn't make any mistakes. My dad recorded my performance and made a movie. He posted the movie on the Internet so everyone can watch. This is the first competition I had ever done. Later I was told that I had won the gold medal. I was very happy. Khristen gave me some beautiful flowers to congratulate me. I liked the flowers very much.

When I got the gold medal, my mom and dad were very proud of me. My baby brother didn't know what was happening, but he was happy too.

Rory thought that I did a good job. She wants me to participate in another state competition in July. That means I need to practice more.

You can watch the video of my performance below. Enjoy my blog!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Swimming Lessons

I'm going swimming early tomorrow morning, so I need to go to sleep early tonight so I can get enough sleep and wake up on time tomorrow morning.

I love swimming, because it makes me strong and healthy. And if I know how to swim, I won't drown if I fall into the water. And it is just a lot of fun playing in the water.

I have already learned two swimming strokes. They are back stroke and freestyle stroke. I am not good at those two strokes yet, but I will practice more and then I'll be good.

Sometimes my mom and my baby brother come swimming with me. My mom is very good at swimming. My baby brother is very bad at swimming because he always wants my mom to hold him. But he loves playing in the water, especially playing with his water gun.
I love jumping into the water. I am not scared. When I first get into the swimming pool, it is always cold. I would then climb out and sit by the edge of the pool and just paddle my feet in the water. Then I would put my whole body in the water again, and it would feel better. I wear my goggles when I swim. My teacher gave me the goggles. I don't wear any life jacket, but sometimes I use a lifebuoy.

I hope one day I can swim in the deeper end of the pool without my lifebuoy.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Visiting Nora at Her House

On Saturday morning, my dad dropped me off at Seven Peaks so I can take my skating group lessons. I am in Free Skate I class. That's bigger than the other classes. When I was done with my skating lessons, I went to my friend Nora's house to play. She lives very close to Seven Peaks. She also came for group lessons.

Nora is six and half. She has a younger sister, Ella who is 3. When I got to their house, their parents first took us to the mall and bought some shoes for Nora. Then we went to a burger place near BYU to have lunch. I ate fries, a corn dog, and a vanilla ice-cream. The ice-cream is very yummy and I finished it all.

After we went back to their house, we played a pretended family game where I pretended to be the mother and Nora and Ella pretended to be my daughters. I made my daughters breakfast then I dressed them up pretty so they could go to school. After school, I wanted Nora to come back with a boyfriend. And she did. Her boyfriend was a toy lion. Then we pretended that we bought some popcorn and went to the cinema to watch a movie. Next, we actually watched a movie at her house. I don't know the title of the movie. It was about a barbie girl who loved the sea.

Then at 6 o'clock, my mom picked me up from Nora's house and we went home.

I really like going to Nora's house to play. I had a great time. Next time I want them to come to my house and play with me.