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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Mystery

Hi my name is Adeline Lin. As you might know, I have not blogged for like 500 years. So I am like 1000 years old. Yep, I am old.

Anyway, I didn't blog because I thought writing was a torture; also, because I did not like typing, not at all. But for some reason, now I actually like writing and typing probably because of Miss Paul. She is my fifth grade teacher. She is really nice.

Anyway, have I introduced myself yet? I don't think so. Hi, I am in fifth grade. I go to Long Peak Elementary and I am the youngest in the entire grade. Guess how old I am? I am actually 9 years old. I am in fifth grade because I, Adeline Lin, skipped a grade. Amaaazing, right? Do you like to ski or snowboard or neither? Well, I snowboard. I am also a figure-skater. So skiing is kind of boring for me. J Those are some facts about me. Not all of it. If it's all of it, it would fill like 1000 pages.

The End For Now JJ