Artsy pictures

I love artsy pictures, they look so pretty and all the colors are so vibrant. This blog will be artsy pictures that I have taken. In the comments below tell me which artsy photo was your favorite!Hope you guys like these pictures!

Latin Final!

I'm so nervous because tomorrow I have my Latin final, and I'm super nervous since there are so many case endings and formulas to memorize. But not only that but fall term has flown by, such as I can remember everything we did but it just feels so short. Like the year is flying by, and it just feels like a leaf blowing away in the blink of an eye. But I know I'm going to try as hard as I can on all my finals. And hopefully I will do great on all of them and if I don't, I will know that I tried my best. But as a human being of course I want to get all A's for the fall term!
          Another thing is that since finals are for 5 days we only have to be at school for 2 hours each class. So tomorrow I only have to do my Latin final for 2 hours, then I get to go home. Another thing is that at my school we have a study hall that we can take instead of Latin. And I want to do that since last year I went in the middle of the year and I still had to take Latin. Bu…


Thanksgiving is coming and I'm so excited since me and my family are going to do some actvitys but we aren't going to eat turkey since we don't usually eat turkey we just eat what we normally eat. But this year we are going to do some activities like we are going to make turkeys and we are probably going to go on a hike. But Thanksgiving is after finals so I still have to get that over with then I can enjoy my holiday!


Today me and my family went to go look at Christmas trees, that way we could decide what kind of tree we want. And we are also going to choose a color for the ornaments like red and green, or blue and white, and a lot of other color options. But I'm really excited for Christmas and Thanksgiving since in those holidays me and my family are doing a lot of family activities.


I'm so nervous because next Wednesday finals start and I'm so nervous, since my grades are pretty good right now and I don't want that to change because of finals. But if I stud really well I usually do really good, since for homework and quizzes I usually do really good, but then when tests come I get super nervous and then I don't do so good for the test. Which always brings my grade down. But let's hope I do good on the finals next week!

2nd game!

Today was the second indoor game me and my team played, and it was a really good game since the last game we played we lost 7-2, and then today we played and won 7-2. And I even scored a goal what happened was I shot and it hit the post and came pack to me so then I shot again and it went in. So I scored a goal my friend Daisha scored 2 goals, Katherine scored 1, Kaylie scored 1, and I can't remember the rest since we scored so many goals!

Jazz game!

Yesterday there was a basketball game Jazz against the 76ers, and my dad got free tickets to the game. But he only got 2 tickets so he took my mom, while me and my little brother were at home doing homework. But my dad got the front row seats on the floor, and also a suite so he got free food, and drinks. But they said they had a lot of fun even thought the Jazz lost. But at least my mom and dad brought us back souvenirs.