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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The funnest things you can do on a trampoline

So today after school today I rode the bus home when I got home. I started jumping on our trampoline. After a few minutes my across the street friend Avery and her little brother Will came over after we picked up my little bro. Isaac. We all started playing on the tramp and were doing all kinds of tricks on the tramp. Such as flips cartwheels somersaults and all kinds of other gymnastics tricks. After like an hour Avery's mom came over to pick them up. Will and Isaac were inside watching TV. I invited Avery's mom inside. My mom and dad started talking to her mom and she stayed for another 15 minutes. Finally she had to leave and do her homework. And so that was my very very fun day.

The Field Trip

Today we went to a Symphony Concert it took us one hour to drive there my bus drove us to the concert. Anyway the concert was one hour long but we missed three hours of school. Me and my friend Jaqy sat together a lot and I mean a lot. It was really fun I even got to sit by her in the Symphony. On the bus we sat right across from our other BFF's  Ashlin Lauren and also Kate. When we got back to school we had lunch at 1:30 and went to recess. My class got an extra long recess cause we were really good at the Symphony. Then the rest of the day we got to do a really fun art project. So the rest of the day was really fun for me.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The good and Bad day

I had a very good day and a very bad day. I had a super good day because we went on our field trip to a water power point. Then we went to a nearby park and played capture the flag. Me and my friend made up our own game up while we were walking back to school. When we got back to school we ate lunch in our classroom. I felt so weird eating in our classroom I felt like it was the morning. Anyhow after lunch we went to recess.When we came back in to do some reading. And then we went outside to some more fun games I don't know what the first game was called but. What you do is throw a frog into a bucket and you have to stand in certain spots. The other game is where you march like soldiers in the early century's. Then when I got home I hanged with some friends on my tramp. by the way there my neighbors. And then the bad thing happened. So I was eating a pizza and I microwaved it and when I pulled it out it came. I was grabbing the plate and I got burned. So now that I'm burned I can still type witch I think is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The fun things planned out at school

Guess what guess what? my class and my whole entire grade are going to a field trip on Monday and this Thursday.The class and the grade are going to a symphony on Monday. And we are going to learn about the water works place then we are going to the park and where going to play a lot of fun games. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I have some very good news. You see we built our trampoline on Sunday. So today at school well on Friday actually. We started our Civil War part of our social studies part of the year. so we changed our seating arrangements. I used to sit by really mean boys but now I sit at a girl table and my friend Jaqy sits right next to me I mean that we used to sit together but then we changed seating arrangements again so I changed to sit by boys arg but now thank heavens I sit by her now shes like a sister to me my other BFFs are like sisters to me to but tonight its only about Jaqy so anyhow I sit by her now and I'm just so happy also spring breaks coming soon and I might just go to friends houses and hang out.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Do you like candy?

Hi I haven't blogged for awhile again I think it's because I haven't had time. Or it's because I didn't want to blog. Anyway back to the present I wrote a poem today at school and. I really like it I think it sounds catchy. So here it is:


                                             Don't u just love candy 
                                             So sweet yet so yummy
                                             Do u like gum caramel 
                                             Or even vegetarian candy
                                             U might get cavity's 
                                             But yet worth it or not 
                                             Candy candy yet I love it 

                                            By:Adeline Lin

                                 I hope you like my poem cause I sure did.