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Friday, April 29, 2011

Singing at school concert

Today my school had a History and Heritage Fair. Part of the Fair is a concert, and my whole class sang in the concert.

In the past week we had been practicing singing every day. Today we went to the auditorium to perform. We stood in a line and went on the stage. When I was on the stage, I didn't like it because I was scared. I don't know if my classmates were scared. I was standing in the front row, and I could see my dad and my baby brother. But I didn't see my mom. We sang two songs. The first one was "find a friend." It was a Chinese song. The next one was an English one and it was "don't you push me down." I don't think we did a good job because one of my classmates kept singing after we were done. The audience seemed to like our performance because they applauded.

My dad recorded our performance and helped me put it in my blog. You can see it below.

After singing, we went into the lunch room and watched movies for a while. Then I went home.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My skating lesson

Today I had a skating lesson from my teacher Rory.

I have been learning figure skating for almost a year now. My mom loves figure skating very much. When she was little, she couldn't learn to skate, so she really wanted me to skate. It's like a way to fulfill her childhood dream.

I love skating myself because it's like dancing on ice. Every week I have three skating lessons, one group lesson and two private lessons. Each lesson is 30 minutes. I would go to Peaks Ice Arena in Provo to take lessons.

In today's lesson I learned many new moves, but I don't know their names. My teacher Rory is a good teacher because she is very kind and patient, and always corrected my moves. Rory is a very famous figure skater. She had won many championships and medals. She can do a back flip on the ice. I've included a video of her performance below, so you can see for yourself.

I will be having a competition on May 14th. It's my first competition ever. I am practicing a lot. I hope my dad would come and see my competition.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I went to the Zoo

Today is Field Trip Day for my class and we went to the Hogle Zoo.

In the morning I woke up very early because I needed to be at school at 8 o'clock so I wouldn't miss the field trip. When I got to school, there were already a lot of kids there waiting.

When the school bus came, we all went on the bus. My mom came with me because she was going to help Miss Le. Miss Le can't handle so many kids all by herself, so she asked some parents to come and help out. We have 25 kids in our class and all went on the trip. It took a long time to get to the zoo.

There were many animals in the zoo. We visited monkeys, kangaroos, rhinos, cheetahs, elephants, tigers, crocodiles, chicken, goats, giraffes, hedgehogs, and many more. I like giraffes because they have very long necks. There was a baby giraffe (I posted the picture on the right). He is so cute! I also like monkeys because I was born in the year of the monkey. I also like rats because my baby brother was born in the year of the rat.

My friends loved the zoo. I didn't, because we were only looking at the animals. I would have more fun if I could, say, ride the cheetah. On the way home I was so tired that I fell asleep in the bus.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Pearl's New Skates

Today I read a book. The title is "Pearl's New Skates." This book is very good and I enjoyed it very much.

The story is about Pearl, a rabbit. On Pearl's birthday, she called her grandma to make her a new skating shirt. She waited and waited till the cold weather came. Then the cold weather did come and water turned into ice. A lot of people went on the ice and skated. Pearl's friend Thistle asked her to come skating with her. But Pearl didn't want to skate with Thistle. She went on the ice by herself. Then Uncle Jack asked Pearl if she wanted a push. But Pearl didn't need any help, so she just skated by herself. She lost her balance, then when she was getting up, she slipped again. Then she took her skates off. Her mom asked, "Do you want to skate more?" She replied, "No." Then she went home. On the next day, there were people skating but she didn't go and just watched from her window. Uncle Jack came to her house and asked, "Why didn't you come skating? Didn't you like skating?" Pearl said, "Not really." The next morning, Uncle Jack came and asked Pearl if she wanted to go skating. She decided to go. It was early and nobody else was there. Pearl was falling down all the time and she was quite mad. When Uncle Jack asked, "Do you need a push?" she said yes. Then Uncle Jack gave her a push, and she was skating good now. "I did it! I did it!" Pearl shouted in excitement. Then they shared hot chocolate, and Pearl was happy.

This story tells us that you need to practice and practice to get better. That's it. Hope you like this story too.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Went to the Library

Today I went to the Provo City Library with my dad.

After school, I was waiting for someone in my family to pick me up. I waited and waited and no one showed up. So I went to the school office to call my mom. While I was dialing the phone numbers, I saw someone coming. It was my dad. I told him that he came late, but he didn't think so. Then I saw the book and DVD from the library sitting on the seat, so I asked, "Are we going to the library?" He replied, "Yes!" I was very excited.

Soon, we were at the library. The library has many rooms. We went to the section for kids. It is a big place with lots of books. We first got eight DVD movies, including Dora Explore The Earth and The Prince, the Princess and the Bee. I also picked a bunch of books. I made sure the books I picked are easy to read for me. For example, You Read to Me, I'll Read to You, and Terrible Storms. We checked out a total of 12 books. I need to read all of them in three weeks. Dad told me that when he was little, he loved reading books. He would use his parents' library cards to check out books. I have my own library card, and there is a frog on it. I don't actually like reading because it takes a lot of time to read and it makes me tired. But I know reading is good for me.

On our way home, I read a book called Pearl's New Skates. I'll tell you about the book in another blog.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today is Spring Pictures Day

Today is Spring Pictures day for our entire school and we had our pictures taken.

After Miss Le's class, we went to the school auditorium. We had to wait for the Kindergartners to finish first. After they were done we lined up to get ready for our pictures. Then one after another we went up the stage to have our pictures taken. It was a lady who was taking pictures. When it was my turn, I was scared. Mom had told me to show my teeth because I will look pretty. But I didn't because I am missing my two top teeth. Then we went back to our class and studied some more.

Later, we went outside for more pictures. It was a young man taking pictures this time. He was on the roof and took pictures of all of us at the same time. I was standing at the end of the second row. He took five pictures. I smiled when he took the pictures for us. When we were done taking pictures, we went to sing and then went to lunch.

I know Mrs. Stevens will give us the pictures on a Monday, but I don't know which Monday it is. I hope my pictures will turn out good.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A normal day in my life

Today is just another normal day.

In the morning I woke up late because I was really tired. After I got up, I ate some cereals quickly then I put on my jacket and my backpack and then rushed into my dad's car. Dad drove me to school and I wasn't late for school.

After I got into my class, we first practiced writing some words in Chinese, then we sat around Miss Le, our Chinese teacher, to learn math. We also read two books together. Those will be our homework on Friday. Then it was lunch time.

I had bread and hash-brown for lunch. Then we went out to play at the recess.

In the afternoon we went to Mrs. Stevens' class. Mrs. Stevens is our English teacher. We planted some sunflower seeds in small cups. These are for our moms for Mothers Day. Then we talked about Peter the Rabbit. We also wrote sentences for writing practice.

In Miss Le's class, I got the Orange Grade, which is the best grade one can get at school for that day's performance. I am very proud of myself.

Then after school, mom came and picked me up. We went to Seven Peaks to take skating lessons.

In the evening, I did my homework with my dad. Then I wrote my blog.

That's it! A normal day in my life.

Monday, April 18, 2011

I went swimming in Spring Break

Last week was Spring Break so I didn't have school. Me and my mom and my baby brother went swimming every day. The place we went to is called Orem Fitness Center. There is a big swimming pool at that place.

I know how to swim because I learned from my swimming teacher. She is not a Chinese, but she has a beautiful Chinese name: Xi Shi. I have been studying with her for a month. She is out of town for two weeks, so there is no swimming lessons for me this week and next week.

I like swimming very much, because I don't have to stand up. I am lazy. I can just lay on my lifebuoy and float. Most of the pool is very deep, and one end of the pool isn't. There were a lot of children swimming there, and I had a lot of fun.