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Monday, November 30, 2015

New seats

     Today we got new seats in homeroom which is very sad because my friend Lindsay and Stephanie sat at one table. P.S they are only two of my bffs but now I sit in the smack middle of two boys on my right is a boy called Chase Hagen then on my left is a boy called Jude sander. Which is very weird since Chase is in every one of my classes. And in math he is also at my table. Now the seats is a girl in the middle or a boy. And I sit in the very back of the class. Since the bad or non behaving kids sit in the front to be watched by the teacher. So now I'm at the very back of the classroom and the people in front of me are all top lockers. But oh well on that since I can kneel on my chair and listen to the teacher.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday

     Today since it's Black friday we are supposed to go shopping but me and my family aren't this year. But our really close friends are coming over and we are going to have a barbeque at least the kids are. Since my family has two kids including me and they have two we are going to have 4 kids all together. But before dinner we are probably going to go to the game room which is where we have our ping pong table and basketball shooting thing. We are going to reconstruct a room to be a actual game room. Where it's going have the ping pong table and basketball shooting thing into there and we are going to have a pool table in there and a movie theater. We were supposed to buy it today Black friday but we haven't constructed the room yet so we are going to do it next year I think. But we are going to reconstruct a room that we use as a box room to keep boxes in.


Wednesday, November 25, 2015


     On Sunday my dad fell off the stairs but he's fine but it was hilarious I was watching T.V downstairs then I heard a lot of bumps. So I went to see what happened and we watched the security cameras and as I said it was hilarious. But the first time he fell in this house was when we were moving in which was last year. And he was carrying our split machine downstairs and he fell and that exact day he found a note I had wrote when I was in preschool. And it said"daddy please walk slower I'm still very small and I'm following in your footsteps and I don't want to fall." But it was also the day of my concerto federation and I got all 5s which is the highest score you can get. But now we still laugh at him for falling.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


    Tomorrow is the first day of fall break and I have nothing to do till 4:00 which I have to do ballet but before I'm going to hang out with a friend. But tomorrow I can sleep in and after I have to do my to do list then I can hang out with friends. And my to do list only takes like 2 hours most to finish it but then I might go shopping with my mom but I don't know what I'm going to do. But I only have to do 3 pages per week of homework my mom gives me. And I only have to do it 2 times and I already did it once on Monday. So now I only have to do it once on a day this week then I'll be free after my to do list.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Greek Festival

     Tomorrow is probably going to be the best day of my life probably not the best but it will be amazing. Because after tomorrow would be Fall break and we don't have any other lesson besides language arts and History. Because tomorrow we have LA then recess then art then lunch then lunch recess then we are having a greek festival. During it we are going to watch the movie Hercules and eat and do this mini olympics. Where there is all kinds of events to join and then we go home and our fall break starts.

Sunday, November 22, 2015


     Yesterday during my concerto federation I did amazing at least that's what the judges said on my certificate. I got a superior on it which is the highest score you can get on it which is Superior but it was also amazing after it. Since I went home with a friend that I have known for a while and she had the test to. Her name is Joanna and another girl called Saffire went to since we all got superiors so when we got to her house. We played Monopoly then it got boring so we watched harry Potter and the scorers stone BTW is the first movie of Harry potter. So then my mom came to pick me up but I stayed for another 2 hrs while the moms were talking. Then we left and had Kneaders for dinner since my little brother was with my dad for a boys night out.

Saturday, November 21, 2015


     During Thanksgiving break me and my parents and of course Isaac my little brother are going shopping on black friday. But during it we might go mountain biking before winter starts that way we can still have fun during Thanksgiving break. But since my dad will also be on break we'll have family time like how we did yesterday at night. We might watch movies go hiking and have fun all day that's what my parents say. Me and my little are doing a  surprise thing for them but since my dad checks if I blog everyday he'll read it so I can't tell what it is.

Friday, November 20, 2015


     Tomorrow I have federation eek and I'm not that nervous I have played my song for 5 months so I'm bored to death of that song. But tomorrow I can finish that song I think at least but what scares me the most is that a judge will be there to judge me. So right now I'm thinking that in the morning I'll do my homework and to do list which is 3 new Chinese characters then I have to blog. Then my federation will count as my piano time. So then I'll finish my to do list then hang out with my mom or have a friend come over.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


     This Saturday I might hang out with my friend from fifth grade Jacqueline or for short Jaqy but it's not definite yet. But when she goes home me and my mom might go and watch a movie while my dad and little brother have a boys night outplaying soccer and all that. Or me and my mom will do each others nails and girly stuff. But Jaqy can only stay for a 2 hours or 3. Because I have federation this Saturday also but she could watch me do it but I'm still going to spend some time with my mom and doing a lot of girly stuff. But then Sunday I have piano lesson and then I do my to do list or I could do this before my piano lesson. Then right after piano lesson I can go mountain biking with my little brother and dad. Before it snows again and we want to do it before December starts since we don't want to ride in snow do we.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Book reports

      I have a book report due on December 12 but it's a dress up so it has to do a autobiography or biography. And you need to dress up as your character and tell about you (your character) tomorrow I have to check my book off since I just got it today. The person that I'm doing is Hope Solo and I have to read 1 or 2 chapters per day or more. But since my schedule is already have a really tight schedule. Since I got to go to dance right after school which lasts till 7:00 then homework then after I have to do piano blog and 3 new Chinese characters. Then I got to go to bed but before I would have to read 1 or 2 chapters of my book Hope Solo my story.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Christmas decorations

       Today my mom started buying Christmas decorations when it hasn't even been Thanksgiving yet but since shes afraid it might all sell out. So she started buying Christmas Decorations so my dad helped her get the things ready. But we won't be able to put Christmas lights up this year since we just want it to be simple. And so we are not going to do it this year but we are going to different decorations.

Monday, November 16, 2015


     Today my little brother threw up during dance which was very unexpected so I had to get out of class to call my parents. To come and pick him up but when I got out of dance my little brother was still there and he was doing kids fit. And when I got back home he was all fine I feel like he just didn't want to do dance. But since I was already 5 minutes late I missed half of the class and it's my favorite kind of dance class.

Sunday, November 15, 2015


         Yay I'm so happy because tomorrow or Monday the whole entire 6th grade will be graduating out of DARE. But only if they wrote there DARE essay and turned it in on time which I am one of them so we get to eat doughnuts as our treat. And since it is Monday we don't have to switch to L.A.
but the person with the best essay gets to read it in front of the sixth grade. But we don't who that is yet. But I had to do it last year but it wasn't DARE instead it was NOVA and last year my friend Ashlin got to read it in front of the whole entire 5th grade.

Saturday, November 14, 2015


         Today in the morning me and my little brother Isaac built snowman and had snowball fight s and our parents told us they would take us to the park since it had humongous hills and so this is the last thing I have to do. But we tried going sledding on our hill but it didn't have much snow so we kept stopping and stopping. So we gave up and just came back into the house and while my parents are outside taking down the trampoline and doing yard work we are inside doing our things.  

Friday, November 13, 2015


      School is so awesome I sound so crazy but I don't care because it is awesome I love it in so many reasons. First I got onto a high honors role my school does each time at the end of the semester and they get to eat a kind of food of some kind. And I was on it me and my friend had the exact same score and we are in all the same classes and we are BFF's so that's a reason why school is awesome. Second of all is that we had this thing called speech festival and we had to memorize a poem for it my poem was Quaint Little Cottage. And I feel like I did an awesome job on it since I memorized it and recited it perfectly.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Snowman's Snowballs

     Today when I got back home from school and ate a small snack and finished my homework and study's. I went outside with my little brother Isaac and we made a mini snowman and had a snowball fight after we drank hot coco while we played UNO. But while we were outside I threw a snowball at Isaac's face by accident. And it went down his shirt it was so funny since there was snow on his head on his face and going into his shirt. But I just love snow it's fun to drink hot coco with your family and more. I like Summer to it's just to hot or when you get out of the pool it's to cold. But during Winter you can only stay cold and you get to go skiing or snowboarding.  

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Physical Ed

     Today at school I had physical ed or PE for short but every Monday I have art then Wednesday I have PE. And since today was Wednesday I had PE the warm up game we had was capture the flag and we did that twice. Then we did a game of rugby I think but it's and Olympic sport where you can't go into the goalie box and a girl has to touch it before you shoot. And you could only take three steps. There were three teams the shirts the blue or purples and the greens the team that I was on were the shirts. One time When the purple or blues went against the greens and the blues or purples lost 7 to 1.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


     Today it snowed finally but I haven't gotten to play in it yet because it snowed but still it was snowing all day. For my first recess we had an option of study hall games or movies I chose the game center. The game that were there were pictionary Manacala and just talking with friends I was there with my friend Hunter. For second recess I was going to go outside but it was inside recess in the gym study hall or movies again. 

Monday, November 9, 2015


     Today I had acrobat class at the tree house athletic club I usually do dance with Mrs.Beck if not a substitute. But we learned our dance and the song goes with the Which Doctor song we technically learned it last week but I wasn't here so this was my first time. We have to be able to do front walk overs and back walk overs. So that's our homework over the week till next Monday. Since I have acrobats Monday then Tuesday I have ballet and jazz then Wednesday I have ballet again then my jazz private lesson. But now I got the song stuck in my head which is good but I got to memorize my poem for speech festival by Friday.  

Sunday, November 8, 2015

King of Tokyo

     Have you ever played King of Tokyo my dad got it for my little brother as a birthday present so it's like our most favorite board game now. It's where you can buy cards from the store with these small green cubes. You also have six dices and you roll them if you get numbers all three are the same you get how ever many numbers. Then you can add one for the other same numbers if you have them. The heart  are lives but you can't use them in Tokyo the claws are attacks where you can attack whoever is in Tokyo. You can win by killing everyone by making them have there lives go to zero or by gaining twenty points. It is amazing and really fun so if you need a game to play play King of Tokyo.

Saturday, November 7, 2015


        Today I have a piano recital but first I will have my lesson then we will go over there to the recital. Today is my friend Avery's birthday party but I can't make it because of the recital. But tomorrow I get to go watch my friend Kiki Kavisha and Eric sing songs but my little brother is also going. But we will be staying there for dinner then come home and play board games with my dad probably since we wouldv'e did everything in the morning.

Thursday, November 5, 2015


         Today my aunt  Araby came to Utah from Oregon since she goes to one of the University's there but my mom's brother married her. But she came over since my grandpa died on Monday. So his funeral will be on Friday but she came and after dinner we went shopping for some funeral clothes for her. While my mom and dad were shopping at costco I went with my uncle aunt Araby and my litle brother Isaac. But we tried on some clothes for fun and I got a pair of funky pants and they are so comfy. 


        Today after math my school Summit Academy had a volleyball game of faculty or teachers against the volleyball team. The first game the teachers won by about 5 points then the second game there was a tie so the third one the teachers won. Tons of students say that the teachers were cheating since they were smacking the ball. When they weren't supposed to the team that I was cheering for was the students. Since my friend Bergan was on the team and I'm a student myself and I just felt like cheering for the students. 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Mountain Biking

         Today me and my family are going mountain biking again at Cycle Park with my dads friend again. And we're riding our bikes there since it's only takes about ten minutes biking there so that's why we're biking there. Last I almost died because I almost fell head first but I'm still alive right now. But we got to first go see my grandpa at the hospital since he's recovering from a surgery he had on Thursday.


             On Tuesday I had ballet with my Tuesday ballet teacher Mrs.Unis and then on Wednesday ballet teacher is Mr.Chris. On Tuesday Mrs.Unis hurt her back so she couldn't do the moves so we did bar and we did a new bar combination. But we usually do bar on Wednesdays and we do across the floor on Tuesday.