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Thursday, December 31, 2015


        Yesterday my friend and I couldn't play yesterday so instead my family and I had family time the whole entire day. So we watched a movie at home while playing connect 4 it was Scooby Doo Isaac my little brother picked the movie. After we did all the research for what movies we were going to watch we went. The first one we watched was Alvin and the Chipmunks at the Draper Cine-mark then we ate dinner at Texas Roadhouse. After we went to the American Fork Cine-mark to watch the Martian and it's not scary just very surprising and we watched the movie at 9:00 and it ended at 11:00 so we went to bed very late.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


     Today I have a friend coming over she went to Lone peak with me and to my new school Summit Academy. And amazingly she sits next to me in math which the teacher trusts us to be next to each other. We've been hanging out a lot lately but she likes soccer like me and she loves to do nails and I need help with that. And her names Mckenna we might go sledding since there's more snow around now. She's coming over at 1:30 and I have to do everything before she gets here I already did everything besides piano so now I'm going to do piano.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


       Tonight my dad is taking me and my little brother to his practice it's not the practice on Saturdays it's the team Vivint team. And my dad's the team captain so he and his boss Brandon were the only ones to go for practice from Vivint. So my dad brought me and my little brother but my little brother couldn't play because he didn't get a stamp and that he was to young. Anyway my dad brought me to play since I got a stamp and I'm old enough. While Brandon my dads boss brought his daughter Maddy. We had teams by the very end I could've made two shots one in the left corner that I shot with my left foot. The other one was down low I kicked with my right foot but it didn't go in I'm better at stealing the ball then shooting the ball.

Monday, December 28, 2015


     Today since it's still winter break me and my little brother Isaac were drawing different kinds of things. What Isaac was drawing was a pirate ship while I was drawing animals eating different kinds of foods. I always thought I was a really bad drawer at least at people I was bad at drawing them I'd do stick figures or circles as the body. My family is very artistic like if my mom draws a fish it has a lot of detail. Or if my dad draws it's very detailed and very realistic and if Isaac draws it's very cute and also has a lot of detail.

Sunday, December 27, 2015


      Today my moms friends kids and I did a modeling event which was a lot of fun since it was it was at my house. So we used my jewelry and some of my smaller clothes and I was the host and the one that gave the makeovers. We did the modeling thing three times the first time Estella didn't dress up and I didn't dress up either. The second one I dressed up a little and Estella dressed up while Fifi was the one that dressed up for all of them. On the third one I dressed up fully and the other ones dressed up fully to. On the last one Fifi was the substitute host while I was doing my modeling skills after they had to go home since they were at our house for about 5 hours.

Saturday, December 26, 2015


     Today at 1:30 my little brother is having a friend over from his old school Montessori his name is Conner. And I  have to take them sledding and I'm not that happy about it because they are boys and they are a little crazy. And since it just snowed and today is a pretty good day to go sledding since the sun is out. But then they might have me pull them and have me push them and stuff and since none of my friends have time to hang out today. I'm all alone on it now but one Conner has to go home I get to go to a Jazz game with my dad. And it's in a suite so there's food and all kinds of other things to eat and I think it'll be fun. Because my dad only got 2 jazz tickets my mom and little brother Isaac are going to watch a movie so that way all of us have fun today.

Friday, December 25, 2015


        Yay today is finally Christmas it is going to be very fun today because we are going to open presents and more. What I got for Christmas was a spiral graph kit where you could draw very cool designs. Except I'm not the best drawer in the world in fact I might be the worst but  it's very colorful and I like colorful things. But after we did everything we went outside shoveled our driveway and then watched movies all day. We had a very big feast and had cake with it the cake was really good and we still have it.  

Thursday, December 24, 2015


      Today we started wrapping presents for our friends and neighbors in the morning so now we have a bunch of presents to give out. And it's piling on our counter top now and we are giving out all the presents during the day. Then after we are eating out for lunch and dinner to actually celebrate my little brothers birthday and my parents anniversary. Yesterday during the night we ate cake and had pizza first we had pizza then we had Isaac my little brother open presents. Then my little brother requested to play King of Tokyo. We played it three times my little brother won 1 time my dad won 2 times and we only played 3 times. And I didn't win any of them my mom wasn't playing since she was tired after we had cake then went to bed.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


      Today is my mom and dads anniversary so me and my little brother Isaac are doing a suprise for them. But today I feel like they are hiding something from us like we are having another baby or we are adopting someone. Because they have been whispering a lot lately and they also have been talking weirdly. Like this morning my dad said if we do everything on our to do list we will get to do some suprises. So now me and Isaac are on our best behavior that way we can know what the suprise for us is. But it's there anniversary so now they are giving us presents on there anniversary day and I feel very bad about it now.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


      Me and my family can't wait for Christmas I have been counting down the days but the days of Christmas break are very boring. With no one to hang out with but tomorrow my dad won't be going to work and for the rest of the week for break. And when my dads home things get a little jazzed up my mom jazzes it up to just not as physical as my dads. With my dad we play soccer or we have Nerf gun fights. With my mom we do hair or watch T.V it's fun sometimes but sometimes it just gets old and you get headaches.

Monday, December 21, 2015


       During December it's very busy for me and my family in a lot of ways because of birthdays and the holidays. What's amazing is that two years ago my dad finished his dissertation to graduate out of BYU with his PHD. And how I said it was busy for my family is because we usually go on vacation then to go places. And on the ninth is my moms birthday then on the twenty second is my little brother Isaac's birthday. Then is my mom and dads anniversary then it's Christmas eve then actual Christmas day. Then on comes New years eve and New years day then it's a new year but then school has to start again.

Sunday, December 20, 2015


      Yesterday I had a friend come over to my house and it was really fun she stayed till nine o clock and we went sledding. And we did nails to my nails got pink on them so now it's looks demented but my right hand is fine. The friend that came over is a friend I go to school with now and last year that went to my school. We first went sledding as I said then we did nails then we had corn dogs for dinner. After we started talking about school and who she likes and who I like but nothing for you guys to know about. Then after we played hide and seek in the dark and we used a flash light to see in the dark.

Saturday, December 19, 2015


     Since today is Saturday I have nothing to do since my dads soccer got cancel because of the snow. And so I might just hang out with a friend and go sledding with them but I first got to do my piano class. And my to do list and I got to do my lesson then another 40 minutes of piano but then I might hang out with a friend. Or if none of them can hang out I'll just go sledding at the park or at my house with Isaac my little brother. Then when we come back we'll have family time I think but first we got to drink hot chocolate. Since that's what we usually do or if we are good enough we will go see the new star wars. If our dad will let us watch the PG 13 movie since I haven't watched that much PG 13 movies before only Jurassic park.

Friday, December 18, 2015


     Today I had skating practice for three hours and I'm supposed to be used to it but after I hurt my foot I haven't been practicing that much. And I don't practice as hard as I used to because my foot still hurts sometimes. I was supposed to have a lesson but since there was traffic we couldn't get there in time for lesson. And I was supposed to learn my competition routine but I didn't get to do it and so I'll have to do lesson next week but not on Friday because on Friday it's Christmas and then Monday is my only free day because. On Tuesday is Isaac my little brothers b-day then it's my mom and dads anniversary then Christmas eve then Christmas day then Saturday I don't like doing skating on those days.

Thursday, December 17, 2015


      Do you feel like going to Hawaii during the winter or cold weathers well next year I'm going to be doing that. But this year we aren't going anywhere because of my grandpas death last month but we would've gone some where. But because of what happened we aren't going anywhere instead we are staying home and doing stuff. There is this kid in my class called Chase Hagen and he sits next to me in homeroom math science and history. And he is in all my classes but anyway is going to Honolulu in Hawaii. And I'm jealous but also not that jealous since I'm going next year and on Christmas day. In the morning we will open presents then go have fun in the snow and go sledding at the park.    

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


     This Friday the whole entire sixth grade is doing it and we are rotating by classes so we'll have our own class last. In the other classes I don't know what they are doing but I know that my class is making these calender's but with candy. Since my own class Miss Scott's class is doing Germany. And I know that a different class is doing Chinese New years and that's all that I know of what the classes are doing. Then after Friday is break for two weeks so on Saturday me and my friend Hunter she's a girl might go sledding. But I don't know yet but then over break I'm just going to hang out with friends. Family and go snowboarding with my friend Hunter or some others since her grandparents used to own Brighton. Then they sold it but they are still really big bosses of the place then her aunt owns the store so we are going to have a lot o fun.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


     Today right after school I went straight to dance but first I grabbed a snack along the way to my dance. But first I had ballet and during ballet we did everything perfectly so we had 15 minutes to make up a Christmas dance. And so we chose the Drummer boy by Justin Bieber and we made up a dance only half way though. But it was very fun to just make up our own dance and have fun since my ballet teacher is very strict but also very nice. And so we made up a dance then after ballet I had jazz and during jazz we had to like answer questions the whole entire class time. Since my jazz teacher does a question asking thing every 6 months. And this was the last day for jazz and ballet with Mrs, Eunice. But I'll see them next year get it because it's the end of the year and there's still Christmas break so I get to miss dance for 2 weeks and so does every one else. 

Monday, December 14, 2015


     Today it finally snowed so my school had a delay till 10:30 it was awesome except for the part where we had to shovel our driveway. Luckily we had a snow blower the snow was about 14-15 inches deep. But half way through our time we thought to use the snow blower but it wouldn't go on so that took us 10 minutes. Then after it still took us a while for school to start and so then me and my little brother got to school early 1 hour to be exact. So for the kids that were early had free time for basketball movies and candy and popcorn. Then a lot of kids are saying there are going to be a lot of delays and snow days this week. But I still haven't been able to go sledding yet but I have gotten to shovel the snow. And I have the opportunity to shovel some more snow tomorrow in the morning since it will be snowing all night.  

Sunday, December 13, 2015

My weekend

     Last week my dad brought home a cookie and there was a piece of chocolate in the shape of a L because my dads name starts with a L. So we finally ate it today my mom didn't want it so instead just me my dad and little brother ate it. On my earlier posts I said this was going to be the worst weekend ever. I was wrong this weekend isn't the best but I really like spending time with my family this weekend was one of the best. But yesterday my friend Tina went to soccer with her dad and another dad brought there two kids. And since there's a playground we made up rides on the swings such as underdog wrecking ball and spaceship. It was really fun then after I went to my grandma and grandpas house. And while they were making dinner I watched and played my I pad then after dinner we played King of Tokyo.

Saturday, December 12, 2015


     In Draper we haven't even had snow yet well we did three times but two of those times I didn't get to play in the snow. Because of dance but the one time I did do it we went sledding on a hill on my family's property. But we live close to a park with humongous hills but we haven't gone there yet but me and my little brother think that we like our property's hill better. But we still want to try that parks hills. But it hasn't snowed yet so now we are waiting and waiting but the weird thing is that two years ago. It was snowing during the summer and it was sunny during winter and so then we couldn't go swimming or do summer stuff that summer and we couldn't do snowy stuff in the winter. 

Friday, December 11, 2015


     My weekend is going to be very stressful and not fun at all but today we were supposed to go to Lehi trafalga. But since me and my little brother were misbehaving we aren't going to go anymore and so now I'm so frustrated. Then on Saturday I just wan't to stay home or hang out with friends or hang out with my mom. Because usually every Saturday we are supposed to go see my grandparents that's fun. But before my dad plays soccer and it's very boring to watch if there are no kids around to play with. And then Sunday I might hang out with friends there Mormon but they just don't go to church. And so that is my lousy weekend I'm sad to say this but I can't wait for school to start again for the week.

Thursday, December 10, 2015


      Tomorrow our book report is due and I just started it today but luckily I'm a fast typer so I typed 3 pages double spaced. But still that's a lot and since it's a dress up I wearing Messi shirt and shorts for it. But right when I got home I started and I finished about 30 minutes ago with everything ready and I practiced my speech. For some reason I want everyone to like my book report so I'm like freaking out right now. After I finished typing I timed it and it was 4:55 so that was to long so I had to summarize the summary. And I had to write it all down on note cards but at least I have one hour to finish my to do list. While I still have homework but it's due Tuesday typed so I still have time but the thing is that I didn't finish my rough draft yet so now I have a lot of homework to do.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


     Tomorrow is my moms birthday so me and my little brother are learning how to play happy birthday on the piano to her. But we are doing a really big surprise for her and my dad and my mom are going on a date. So me and my little brother my be left home alone or it might just be for lunch but I don't know for sure. But my mom won't tell me what she wants so now I have nothing to give her. But I'm going to give her a very big surprise for her since she is the best mom a kid could ever have.

Monday, December 7, 2015

My day

    Today I had acrobatics at my dance studio and we added more parts to our end of the year program. Since we aren't doing a Christmas show so now we are like halfway through our dance now. But that was at the end of the day earlier that day we had art but after that and lunch and recess we had math. And during math we had to do two days of homework so now I have a lot of homework to do but luckily I still have tomorrow to do it.

Sunday, December 6, 2015


     Since today is Sunday me and my family go mountain biking but since today very cold we aren't going mountain biking. But as soon as I finish everything I get to go and play my I pad or watch T.V or work on my book report. I also have a paper typed that is due on Tuesday so I still have to do that then I can do whatever I want. But since we haven't had family night yet we might have it tonight where we do board games. But what is very amazing is that yesterday I went to the library to get 1 DVD and 15 books in a total of 16. But now I only have 6 books left to read but it kind of makes sense since I read all morning.  

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Friday night

     Yesterday was Friday night so my dad brought one of the people he works with and his friend and we went to Dennys to eat. And then after my dads boss invited him to play soccer with him but it was indoor. And so Brandon the boss brought his two girls and we played monkey in the middle and were trying to see who could juggle the ball the most. But then at 10:00 they left but we stayed and since we were playing on a basketball court. We were trying to make baskets my dad made one but I wasn't even close since we had to kick it up.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Little Brothers (Isaac)

       As you all might know I have a little brother and his name is Isaac and he is pretty annoying but funny and I love him. Earlier today he was being really annoying and we got into this fight over a soccer ball. So we started spraying each other with a spraying bottle but now we aren't fighting anymore. Instead I'am here blogging while he's pretending to be something inside a seashell so now he has to bean bag chairs on him. It actually looks like a seashell but one bean bag chair is underneath him and then one above him. So now he has the soccer ball with him since he won the fight but anyway he also has three legos with him. And making them into tons of weird things since he is very skilled with them.

Thursday, December 3, 2015


     This month I was supposed to get braces bet since one of my teeth hasn't grown in yet I'll get them during the summer. But now I'm freaking out since I'm scared I'll look very weird and not have and friends. But that won't happen I'm just scared that I'll have a lot of pain and I can't eat popcorn or gum. But this kid called Chase he has braces and he told me that it doesn't hurt after a few weeks and I have to have them on for 18 months. So I'll have them on for the whole entire 7th grade and 2 months into the summer so like 1 month of 8th grade.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


     Tomorrow the whole entire 6th grade of Summit Academy are going to go to the SLC planetarium. Me and my friend Emily are sitting on the bus together or me and Nadia or me and Hunter. It is probably me and Hunter then Nadia and Emily would sit together P.S Hunter is a girl not a boy. But tomorrow we are leaving at 8:45 so we might have to get all ready for the planetarium then leave. But before we might also do announcements for 5 minutes then just start getting ready for the planetarium. I hope the teacher doesn't assign seats for us since I just want to sit by friends not by boys.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

New seats again

     Today in math we changed seats and I have the best and OK  seat since I sit by Chase Hagen the other side of me is my friend Kenna. And we went to school together last year at Lone Peak elementary. But now we go to Summit Academy Draper but we are not in 5th grade instead we are in 6th which is also the start of middle school. But now I sit by him in homeroom,math,science,history and some more. But luckily even though he's in my L.A he doesn't sit by me but he is very close to me. I hope the kids sitting next to him are bad and I get switched over there this my only break sitting by a girl.