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Thursday, January 28, 2016


     This week my school has been doing something called dear which stands for drop everything and read. So we've been doing that for the week and it's been pretty nice since I love to read and you have to stop everything you do. And you can get tickets and you can enter it to win cool prizes like a bike awesome. Or a scooter something like that I don't know exactly but something fun I hope at least I really hope.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


     Today after dance I had to wait for my mom to pick me up since my dad is in California for a business trip. So I'm at home with my little brother and mom and so I was playing Sorry with Anna a high school student but a great friend. We were playing sorry and I won and it was my first time winning the game.  

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


     Today during school we in my language arts and math class we kind of tilted our desks and brought some together. Since we have rotations at the end I sit at the very front since we need to move up as many desks as we can. And I'm boy trapped by a boy called Laine on my right and on my left is Chase Hagen I'm used to sit next to him so I'm used to i.

Monday, January 25, 2016


     Today after school my little brother had soccer for and hour which was super boring since I didn't bring a book. But after we both had dance which was fun today we worked on partner balances and me and my partner were center stage. We were doing a show for May 23rd but that's not the closest event. The closest is my Birthday and my skating competition then I have a play for school that we have to do it's half of our grade. Then I have my dance show then I don't know what I have next so I'm pretty busy for these few months.

Sunday, January 24, 2016


     My Birthday is very exciting this year first I have the same birthday as Neymar and Ronaldo that's first. Second I have a skating competition on my birthday so that's kind of scary and I might have a birthday party. You see for my birthday I have a birthday party every four years and this is only the third. But my mom is giving me permission to have a birthday party the two places I can't pick from is. The classic fun center in SLC or at Airborne in Draper if you want you can post a comment and I will chose the place with the most comments.

Saturday, January 23, 2016


     You know how I moved last year to Draper my grandparents just moved to SLC so we went to our old house and cleaned it. Today we are having someone remodel the house while we are remodeling our own. Since we are making a game room with a bar and for party's we would have air hockey pool and some other games. But I can't wait since I love playing air hockey oh and also we might have a movie theater in there.

Friday, January 22, 2016


     Today right after skating I was starving but at least I finished my program now I just have to practice it. But I'm going to have to go against this kid that went to school with me from 1-3rd grade. In my competition but anyway after skating my mom took me and my little brother Isaac to my dads work place so we could have dinner. We got Firehouse Subs and took it to my dads cafeteria and drank whatever we wanted and ate. Since my mom and dad were talking about something me and my little brother watched a movie on my I pad while eating.

Thursday, January 21, 2016


     Today right after school I went skating for 1 hour at Murray since I have a skating competition in two weeks so I got to practice harder than usual. But surprisingly the skating competition is on the day of my birthday. So that's nice but I still have to go to school and right after school I got to go to the competition. But after the competition we are going out to celebrate my birthday and if I win the competition.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


     Today at school it was very normal except we had P.E today and we had study hall so I finished my homework even though I already finished it. But during P.E we played Quad Ball we already added three sports. We have basketball football soccer and I love soccer it's awesome and I'm good at it to. During soccer we have to chip it up to use our hands I was on the shirts team. During study hall we can't talk. But today was this kid in my class called David's birthday so he brought us Twinkies and it was yummy.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


     I got a new dance bag yesterday and the dance bag is super big and kind of like a duffel bag but also has a strap. But it's super bag so now I have my dance clothes and my skating stuff it's a little heavy but oh well. I still like it since it makes me look professional the colors are black pink and blue. I have everything in it water snacks that I put in in the morning and rubber bands a towel and a lot more stuff.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Martin Luther King junior

     Today is Martin Luther King Junior day and we don't have school today so we stayed home all day we also don't have dance. So we basically stayed home all day except my little brother had soccer so I had to watch him. And that was super boring but at least my mom downloaded Geometry Dash on her phone. But after Isaac my little brothers soccer we went home and I did my to do list but I was supposed to go skating but I couldn't.

Sunday, January 17, 2016


    Usually me and my brother have to finish our to do list before watching t.v but today my dad was extra nice and let us watch t.v with out finishing our stuff. So right now we are watching t.v while my parents are watching there own movie. But for some reason I felt like I should finish my stuff first and so now I'm blogging. But I still need to play piano but I'll save that for later and I want to finish the movie we are watching.

Saturday, January 16, 2016


    Yesterday was my grandmas birthday so we went to visit her and we had her and my grandpa have a tour around SLC since they just moved there. So we went on the train and we also went to the library. At the library they were having an art thing and they were giving out food and so we got some food. After we went to my grandparents new apartment and played some games since they had games on the lowest floor. Then we ate cake and played tons of games since we brought some board games to there apartment.

Friday, January 15, 2016


    My birthday is going to be next month and I can't wait because my parents said I could have a birthday party with some of my closest friends. But what's amazing is that I have the same birthday as two very famous soccer players. One is Neymar JR he plays for Brazil and for Barcelona the other one is Ronaldo he plays for Portugal. But back to my birthday my birthday is one day after my skating competition. My birthday is also on a Friday so we don't have homework on my birthday so that's good. I feel like I should have my birthday at air borne it's a really fun place to play and I've only been there 4 times I'll ask my parents about that.    

Thursday, January 14, 2016


     I don't really have much homework anymore because we basically turned in all of it yesterday at school. We had to retype an essay that we did earlier and luckily I saved it on google docs so I only had to fix some stuff and not type the whole entire thing again. And then we have two slide shows due tomorrow. One about ourselves and one about Rome that on I also did on google docs so I could just share it with my teacher. We also have our Martin Luther King essay but I just finished the rough draft today. So I just have to type it now and last but not least I have a book report but it's due 2 weeks from tomorrow so I still have a lot of time. I'am on chapter 10 and I just started yesterday so that's pretty good.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


     Today we had to turn in most of our language arts homework like our new and improved boredom essay. And we also did more research on our Martin Luther King J.R paper and we started our rough draft intro paragraph. And I also finished my vocab sheet in study hall today but I still need to make 2 power points. One about 3 things about me and one about Rome the Rome one has to include pictures but we kind just say stuff like Rome is cool and stuff like that. For the 3 things about me I just basically say my name and tell the class 3 things about me. And then I also have a book report book that I got at the Sandy library yesterday. I'am on chapter 7-8 and I just started reading about it today so that's pretty awesome.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


     At school I have a lot of homework but at least for math homework we get to do it in class sometimes if we have enough time we usually have 30 minutes of homework time. But in language arts we have a ton of homework I listed on yesterdays blog. But at school I have a book report book I need to check off. So after school I went to the Draper library at around 7:30 and saw my classmate Lindsay. But since the Draper library was closed I went to the Sandy one I saw my classmate Lindsay again. But the book I got was Lincolns Grave Robbers but the weird thing is with Lindsay she nexts to me in homeroom.

Monday, January 11, 2016


     Since today is Monday I have gymnastics or acrobatics and we added new stuff to our dance the song it goes to is witch doctor. Me and my partner Allie are in center because we do the best partner moves. But before all of that I went to school and at school it was normal except we got a lot of language arts homework. Such as our vocab sheet and we have a fixed paper about boredom due on Wednesday. And we have to write about Martin Luther King J.R due next Wednesday we also have spelling and we have to make two power points one about ourselves and one about Rome.  

Sunday, January 10, 2016


     Yesterday I had some friends over I had my friend Emily over I have another friend called Mady she could've come over but she didn't ask her parents yet. And they left for dinner so instead we face timed her which worked. Except my it wasn't easy to hold the screen where ever we were going so now my arms are sore. Today they might be able to hang out so I better get all my stuff done surprisingly I've only been up for 2 hours and I just need to blog now.

Saturday, January 9, 2016


    At school something amazing happened so we have something called Falcon Pride and 4 people get nominated every month. And I got nominated by my teacher Miss Scott and if you get nominated the teacher has to write why they nominated you. And what my teacher said was that I'm always so cheery and happy I add a ray of sunshine to our class. So now I'm very happy and a little more hyper than usual.

Friday, January 8, 2016


     Today I accidentally spilled water on my little brother Isaac's head so now I'm in trouble all I wanted to do was have him balance it on his head. But I also didn't know that the lid wasn't on fully so I spilled a few drops of fruit punch on his head. So now I'm in trouble and I have to stand on a chair so I decided to make it fun. So I made up songs to annoy him and there hilarious and now he's coming out of the library. Giving me the death eye but I'm standing on a spinning chair and while spinning I sing songs to make him be annoyed.

Thursday, January 7, 2016


     Today I finally had time to do the things I haven't done since Tuesday but instead my mom dragged me to different places. So right after school my mom had to take my little brother to basketball. And that took a very long time like 45 minutes after my little brother had dance so we took him to dance and I had to stay there with him. At least I know the people that were working there today. But I was still very bored and that took 1 hour then right after dance we had to take him  to swimming. And that took 30 minutes after I'm finally home but with a tight schedule all I have to do now is play 1 hour and 20 minutes of piano.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Spelling Bee

      Finally tomorrow is the spelling bee I'm so happy since my parents are making me study for it and so I can't wait till it's over. But my parents are making me do it for my own good but still I'am so tired from all this stuff. With homework and my to do list and now I can take one of those things off my list. And my parents are making me write every word at least five times and my hands are usually really sore. But now all I have to do is play one hour and thirty minutes of piano since yesterday I didn't play piano. So now I just added more time to my no sleep time and I have school tomorrow and every morning I can't get out of bed. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


      Today was so busy and I have a lot of homework to do it is so tiring I have math spelling bee book report and a typed paper. And today right after school I went to ballet and jazz for two and a half hours. Then right after I went to my dads soccer game which was at soccer city and we were 15 minutes late. But my dads team was for team Vivint which there team name is kick some balls and the game was for 1 hour. And right after we went home had dinner then I started doing my stuff but then I got a headache so I went to bed. But I still have so much stuff to do at least I blogged today and did some other stuff.

Monday, January 4, 2016


     This Thursday my school is having there spelling bee and my parents are having me study it so hard every day I have to write 20 words and each written 5 times. And I also have to bring my math book home and do more homework. And before all of that and my dance I also have my to do list to do. So I have Spelling Bee math blog piano and 3 new Chinese characters and with getting home late sleeping early for school. Now I'am exhausted but this is my last thing to do now so I'm happy about that.  

Sunday, January 3, 2016


    This Friday at school we are having a party where all the kids that turned in all of there missing assignments get to go to a party. Where all the kids that didn't turn in all there missing assignments have study hall. But I feel like it'll be very boring but I'm not sure if I'm wrong I'll tell you on my blog on Friday. Luckily I already turned in all of my missing assignments so I get to go to the party I'm just curios will I like it or not?

Saturday, January 2, 2016


      School is starting again in two days counting today and I am not ready for it I have been sleeping in till 10:00. And my school starts at 8:25 but I got to get there before 8:15 because that's when my little brother starts school. And if I'm tardy I get detention cleaning a teachers room for half a hour which I do not want to do. So I'm feeling pretty lousy but school isn't that hard since the only homework we have is in math minus the book reports. And we have time to do math homework in math class. Like I guess I sit in good places at school like in language arts I sit in the corner where the good kids sit. And in math I sit by one of my friends in the back so that means the teacher trusts me and then in homeroom science history since we don't switch in those classes I sit in the back corner.

Friday, January 1, 2016

New Years

       Today is the first day of 2016 and I passed off all of my traditions yay one of my traditions last year was do everything for a month. And that's what I did for 3 months in a row to be exact now this year I'm going to try a year. My other tradition is to be nicer to Isaac my little brother I'm just not that patient. And he sometimes doesn't know whats happening but sometimes I don't make it clear him so it's not his fault.

                                                        Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!