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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Soccer Camp

This week I had a soccer camp at BYU. BYU is my dad's school.

I wanted to go to soccer camp because my dad loves playing soccer. He plays soccer every Saturday. And some days my dad takes me to his soccer games. There are some children there. Some of them went to China.

I made some friends in the soccer camp. My group has four girls and five boys. I don't know how old they are. The youngest is Isaac. He is only five. Most of the kids are six or seven years old. That's why our group is called the Cougar Cubs. I learned many moves, like dribbling the ball, juggling the ball, and kicking the ball. And we had competitions. I scored many goals. And I was very happy. Our coach is Georgia. She came from Georgia and her name is also Georgia. She is a soccer girl and she is very good at soccer. A long time ago, she was a student at BYU. She also played for BYU Women's Soccer Team. They were champions. She likes me because I work hard.

I like kicking soccer, and I want to be a champion too!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Today is Dragon Boat Festival

Today is Dragon Boat Festival in China (端午节). People in China get a day off for the holiday. Here in the United States people don't get a day off. I have a day off, because school is out, but I still have homework to do.

In this traditional Chinese holiday, we are supposed to eat Zong Zi (rice dumpling). But we didn't eat Zong Zi, because my mom ate the only Zong Zi we had a few days ago. So when my dad and I looked for the Zong Zi in the refrigerator, we couldn't find any.

Another thing people do in this holiday is to hold dragon boat races. There was a guy named Qu Yuan. He was a famous poet. He killed himself by jumping into a river because his country was destroyed by the enemy. A lot of people liked him. So they rowed their boats in the river looking for his body. They were afraid that fish might eat the man's body, so they made Zong Zi and threw them into the river to feed the fish, so the fish would leave the man's body alone. That was where the idea of Zong Zi and Dragon Boat Race came from. Nowadays, people just eat Zong Zi themselves and then race Dragon Boats for fun.

Qu Yuan, the Poet

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Visiting Animal Ark

Today is Children's Day, so my dad took me and my baby brother to Animal Ark to see the animals.

We first went to pick up my baby brother. Then we stopped by Target to buy some toothpastes. Then we drove to Animal Ark, a pet store. I saw so many different animals. There were two chihuahuas in the store. They were very small because they were babies. They didn't have a mom. The chihuahuas were so cute. I wanted one. But dad said I can only have a pet when I become nine years old.

I also saw three baby kittens. They were all white just like the picture on the right. They were inside a cage, but I put my hands inside the cage and touched the kittens. It felt so soft. The kittens were happy that I was petting them. Isaac, my baby brother, grabbed a kitty's ear and pulled. The poor kitty fell to the next level. My brother is so mean. But he is only 2, so he doesn't understand. And I wanted a cat. But dad said again that I can only have a pet when I become nine years old.

Then we went to look at the mice. There were a lot of mice there, and also rats. There were two rats in this big cage. There was a sign on the cage saying it is okay to pet the sweet rats. So I put my hands into the cage and touched the rat. The rat didn't bite me. It felt very, very soft. And I wanted a mouse. But dad said I can only have a pet when I become nine years old.

There were also lizards, crickets, rabbits, snakes, fish, birds, hamsters, Guinea pigs, turtles, tree frogs, tarantulas, scorpions, pythons.

Although I don't have a pet right now, but I have a Zhu-Zhu pet hamster. His name is Pip Squeak, and I like him very much!